One A Day is Just Too Much!!!

There is no way that I can possibly write a post each day! So, I’ve changed my posting goal to one a week. This is much more realistic for me. If more exciting things happen within a week, then I’ll do my best to post about it. Until then, just one. The main reason behind this decision is that my life is boring (not really, just nothing new really happens out of the ordinary, I do have a great life though), and I can’t seem to think creatively at this moment. I would love to be able to write everyday, but without any idea where to start, I simply just give up. I could try a ‘Picture a Day’ but it seems like everyone else does that already. Even if I did a pic a day, it’d most likely be our cats you’d see everyday… And even I know that gets old!


My Husbands Phone Broke!!!

Which means that I got a new one!!!

I gave him my old one and used his upgrade for a new phone for myself. He breaks a phone at least once a year, so giving him my used one is better than having him break a brand new one.

73420I got the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the Blue Arctic color. Which is an exclusive color only sold at my work. So pretty! And fun too!

He got my Samsung Galaxy S3, and is still learning the UI. He’s had iPhones for the past several years and only used my phone a handful of times before now. I think he secretly loves it!

Do You Have…

IMG_0021That one (or two, or several) friend that, without fail, has made plans with you then made you sit there? You call, text, e-mail, and/or leave them a voicemail after waiting about an hour (or more) for them. With no response? Until eventually when you call it is immediately sent to voicemail. Your entire night was planned around this person who, after you personally realizing it, didn’t give a second thought about you and your plans together? Well, my darling husband and I have had this happen to us several times with the same ‘friend’ and, frankly, I will not tolerate it any longer! We will send him the hand-carved, hand-drawn Christmas gift I made him and call it good. If he wants to be a true friend then he needs to prove that our 8+ hours of waiting for his ass where he said to meet was worth it. Otherwise, thank you for being our friend when it was convenient for you, but we need to get on with our lives now. We will always love you and think of you fondly.

*There is no ‘HATE’ intended in this post. Just FRUSTRATION! The decent thing a ‘friend’ or any person, really, could do is show a little bit of RESPECT! We had plans, you broke them, time and time again. The failure is on us for believing this day would be any different from the past several times. It doesn’t take more than 10-30 seconds to text or reply back “Sorry. Can’t make it tonight.” We just ask that you would show us that much respect, at least, to give us the heads-up that you won’t be there.

*My beloved and I eventually turned our night of ‘waiting’ into a night out of our own. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, just us!

P.S: Here is the hand-made gift they missed out on for tomorrows game.DPP_1405

I Want to Quit

This past week off from work I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I love in my life and what I would like to quit. To simplify, I made a list (I love lists!). Here are the things I want to quit:

  • Frozen Pizzas
  • Hard alcohol and drinking just to drink
  • Smoking (which I only do when I drink)
  • Negative people (been working on this one for quite some time and have been doing well, got me some great new and true friends)
  • Unnecessary spending
  • Nail biting
  • Fast food
  • Watching TV more than hour (or two depending on the show) each day

Mythological Horses

2014-01-12 01.39.33Pat Moriarity, Me, Adam, Shawn Holley, Ali

We went to The Highline to watch our friend, Shawn’s, CD release show for his band, Mythological Horses. They only made it through 3 songs before an amp gave out and they had to end after that. On a more positive note, they sounded FANTASTIC! The other bands that played were:show flyer

We had a wonderful evening of music and friends. My husband and I also got to meet Pat Moriarity, who not only did the album artwork for our friends, but who is also well-know for his other cartoons and album artworks.

Shawn Holley and Pat Moriarity signed our copy!



Be Grateful!


Enough said!

Looking forward to…

…next week. I get next week off from work for company revamp purposes. I love my job but at least I’ll be able to get a good jump start on some much-needed things within my homeworld. Also, my oldest brother’s gal asked me to create a website for her new business. I hope that I’ll be able to get together with her at some point to do that for her!

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