My Husbands Phone Broke!!!

Which means that I got a new one!!!

I gave him my old one and used his upgrade for a new phone for myself. He breaks a phone at least once a year, so giving him my used one is better than having him break a brand new one.

73420I got the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the Blue Arctic color. Which is an exclusive color only sold at my work. So pretty! And fun too!

He got my Samsung Galaxy S3, and is still learning the UI. He’s had iPhones for the past several years and only used my phone a handful of times before now. I think he secretly loves it!


Mythological Horses

2014-01-12 01.39.33Pat Moriarity, Me, Adam, Shawn Holley, Ali

We went to The Highline to watch our friend, Shawn’s, CD release show for his band, Mythological Horses. They only made it through 3 songs before an amp gave out and they had to end after that. On a more positive note, they sounded FANTASTIC! The other bands that played were:show flyer

We had a wonderful evening of music and friends. My husband and I also got to meet Pat Moriarity, who not only did the album artwork for our friends, but who is also well-know for his other cartoons and album artworks.

Shawn Holley and Pat Moriarity signed our copy!



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