One A Day is Just Too Much!!!

There is no way that I can possibly write a post each day! So, I’ve changed my posting goal to one a week. This is much more realistic for me. If more exciting things happen within a week, then I’ll do my best to post about it. Until then, just one. The main reason behind this decision is that my life is boring (not really, just nothing new really happens out of the ordinary, I do have a great life though), and I can’t seem to think creatively at this moment. I would love to be able to write everyday, but without any idea where to start, I simply just give up. I could try a ‘Picture a Day’ but it seems like everyone else does that already. Even if I did a pic a day, it’d most likely be our cats you’d see everyday… And even I know that gets old!


Be Grateful!


Enough said!

Looking forward to…

…next week. I get next week off from work for company revamp purposes. I love my job but at least I’ll be able to get a good jump start on some much-needed things within my homeworld. Also, my oldest brother’s gal asked me to create a website for her new business. I hope that I’ll be able to get together with her at some point to do that for her!

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